Client Testimonials

T & I Treats, Inc. d/b/a Dairy Queen & Orange Julius

"Customer service is very important to me and I find Baas & Associates easily accessible, prompt and very courteous."

"This is our first business and thanks to Baas & Associates we were up and going before we knew it with very few headaches. Baas & Associates took the ball and ran with it, making sure all our business needs were taken care of. Thanks for all your help in growing our business."

The Creative Center, Inc.

"It's very valuable to me to not worry about the IRS's ever-changing rules and forms on my own. I have peace of mind and can spend my time working in my business, as well as enjoy life."

"What a relief, finally, our business/organization does not pay any more for accounting, consulting and technology costs than we expect. No surprises!! Thanks to Baas & Associates' fixed price agreements, we are never surprised by unexpected costs and they are the same each month. Talk about a budgeting dream."

Dotzler Creative Arts, Inc.

"I especially appreciate the genuine warmth and caring exhibited to me by every Baas & Associate's employee. I am always treated with great respect and individual attention."

Claxton Fireplace Center, Inc.

"I have great confidence in the abilities of Baas & Associates to understand my business and make the necessary recommendations to keep us going the right directions."

Donna Coates, Inc.

"I enjoy being able to refer others to Baas & Associates because of the strong confidence I have in their expertise, as well as their friendly prompt service."

Grandma Fosters, Inc.

"My accountant/consultant at Baas & Associates is not just a person I contact once a year. They seek to partner with me in every aspect of my business, committed to my satisfaction, and developing a warm, personal working relationship."

Pacific Springs Assembly of God

"What a relief to have found a firm that provides great customer service as well as the knowledge, commitment, and integrity to do a thoroughly professional job from start to finish!"

Bellevue Social Centre, Inc.

"Thanks to Baas & Associates, I can now return to working on my business instead of working in my business. Their services have allowed me to return my full attention to the part of the business that I address my customers needs."

Desert Ministries

"It is unusual to find a firm that is so committed to actively growing, improving, and staying in the forefront of technological expertise, for the purpose of offering their clients the very best in accounting, technology, and consulting services."

Brookside Church

"It is tremendous to find an accounting firm that is full of integrity and stands behind their work, assuring my satisfaction."

"I am very pleased with Baas & Associates accounting firm. I have complete confidence in their knowledge and assessment of our church operations."

"On behalf of our entire board, thank-you for your professional service to our church and your good business relationships with our personnel."

Integrity Staffing

"Outsourcing all of my company's financial and accounting work allows me and the entire staff to focus on what we do best and enjoy most -- serving our applicants, employees and client companies. I particularly like working with the Baas Team because they truly care about every aspect of my business. Working with them is like having a full-time consultant on staff to help me make better business decisions."