Firm History

B&A has made the success of our clients' business, our business, since the firm's inception in 1998. Our growth into a leading professional services firm has been facilitated by dedicated, life-long industry professionals. We pride ourselves on providing excellent services, designed to help maximize growth and potential for profitability. The firm's experience serving a wide range of clientele provides a comprehensive understanding of business needs.

Our size and experience allows us to offer clients the depth of knowledge and sophistication of resources necessary to meet business needs, including those which fall outside the realm of traditional accounting services. We have the vision and flexibility to embrace the latest technology and the most current business applications for the benefit of our clients. At the same time, we are aware that state-of-the-art technology and technique are no substitute for old-fashioned client service. We have built our reputation on providing the personalized service every client deserves, and we are committed to this tradition.

Our service is as good as our people. We attract top-quality professionals who continue to better themselves in the latest advances in their respective fields. Our dynamic service-oriented profession demands familiarity with the latest technical advancements, management techniques and relevant industry information.

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