Business Solution Services

Timely information is critical in today's business world. You need information quickly so you can adjust your business operations to fast-changing economic factors that affect your bottom line. Your work is not something that might be pushed aside for other pressing matters as sometimes happens when internal people get busy with other activities. Your work is our priority - it's our business.

If you are an established business, or just starting up, B&A will help meet your accounting needs without adding to your internal management team. Your business information will be organized, to provide meaningful financial data, which will assist in the critical decisions you make in operating your business. B&A can provide the answer to your accounting, tax, and consulting needs.

Clients can count on B&A for the kind of careful, thorough tax planning that increases profitability and minimizes liabilities. Our specialists work closely with clients to keep the tax cost of specific transactions and general business operations as low as possible. In addition, we prepare all federal, state and local tax returns and represent businesses before the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities.